"Now more than ever, it is crucial for leaders to hear and respond to the diverse challenges faced by people across the globe." (WEF, 2016)

FUTURIZE - Future of Learning on 11.11.17

The long awaited Futurize event is finally here, taking place on 11.11.2017 in Birmingham, discussing, debating and deliberating the Future of Learning.

The day will disrupt the 'norm' by bringing together change makers, forward thinkers, educators, social entrepreneurs and education thought leaders.

Futurize will explore and share best practice to develop and transform sustainable and innovative models for learning.

Tickets are now available:

Tickets are limited for Futurize. You can register at www.eventbrite.co.uk

Why Futurize? Learning is always evolving as new technologies, innovation, and societal changes shape learning and education. It is time to discuss and co-develop future systems of learning and education.

In the agricultural era, schools mirrored a garden. In the industrial era, classes mirrored a factory, with an assembly line of learners. In the digital era, Futurize will present and debate how learning will look in the future.

A white paper will be published, based on the findings and recommendations from this event. Futurize presents an exciting opportunity to participate in the future of learning.

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr Annouchka Bayley: Education Consultant & Author
  • Andrew Marcinko: PhD Candidate in the Work and Organisational Psychology
  • Adam Tate: Executive Director for Global Education Training
  • Dhruv Washishth: Co-Founder & CEO at Paradigm Shift
  • Olivia D Hinds: Transformational Tutor & Speaker
  • Luke Bracegirdle: Head of Digital & Business Analytics at Keele University
  • Helen Fuller: Senior Development Manager at FutureLearn
  • Bart (B.D.) Dalton: Keynote Speaker and author of “True Gravity”
  • Lucia Asanache: EdTech Researcher

In our increasingly global and digital societies, the Futurize - Future of Learning event gathers dynamic forward thinkers and thought leaders for a whole day on 11.11.2017.  We will examine how learning is unfolding and how the future of learning will shift the educational landscape.

Organised by the Future Leaders Club, guests at Futurize will engage in interactive talks, workshops and spark sessions; learn first-hand from industry experts and exchange ideas.

A repertoire of groundbreaking ideas will be shared, new learning technologies unveiled and collaborations that will impact future of learning across the UK will all take place.

Futurize guests have a range of interests and are from a variety of sectors. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion. Current interest in the Futurize is from:

  • A range of roles within academia and education sector
  • Education technology and learning entrepreneurs and start-up organisations
  • Training, learning and development department leads and business owners
  • Student organisations
  • Students
  • Coaches, mentors and trainers
  • Leaders from a range of organisations

Tickets are limited for Futurize. You can register at www.eventbrite.co.uk

For more information:

TEL: 0330 100 5272