"Now more than ever, it is crucial for leaders to hear and respond to the diverse challenges faced by people across the globe." (WEF, 2016)

About us

Established in 2013, the Future Leaders Club is a social enterprise based in Birmingham, providing leadership development opportunities and a platform for organisations and communities to harness innovation through design thinking events.

Our aim is to develop leaders the world needs today and tomorrow. Leadership development and building a nurturing workplace culture requires consistency over intensity. Therefore, continual learning, training and development is essential. We provide regular workshops, courses and opportunities to provide the consistency needed to continually improve personal and professional capability.

We support:

  • People keen to improve and nurture their skills, through leadership development, design thinking, innovation and experiential learning
  • Organisations wishing to improve their leadership talent through staff development
  • Organisations up against complex business challenges
  • Community change makers and social innovators motivated to tackle challenges within their communities
  • Volunteers looking for opportunities to help their communities, enhance their CV, develop essential leadership skills and make new friends  

Since our formation, we have built a large network of social leaders and innovators, making collective impact to improve the world we live in, through social innovation and collaboration. 

This is what we provide:

  • Forward Thinking Leaders Programme - 6 day programme providing cutting-edge leadership know-how 
  • Futurize - an event showcasing forward-thinking concepts, innovation, thought leadership and debate
  • AddVenture Weekend - a collaborative space to help social innovators tackle community challenges through weekend hackathons
  • AddVenture Design Thinking - a programme to help organisations tackle business challenges through design thinking and innovation
  • Local Leaders Awards - an award ceremony to honour third sector and community leaders
  • Leadership Coaching - one-to-one and group-based coaching to support personal growth
  • Leadership Twitter Chat - every Monday at 20:00 GMT (UK) using our hashtag: #LeadersHour, collaborating with national and international leaders  

Our values and winning culture

Our winning culture defines our attitude and behaviour.  Our people, in harmony with our mission, vision, values, whilst being truly connected to the wider world, nicely sets the ‘way we do things around here’.  

Our culture means a lot to us. Our values are not just stuck on office walls and in fancy brochures. They’re a way of living, fuelling collective team impact for the greater good. Here is what we stand for:

  • Happiness and laughter
  • Embrace learning
  • Love innovation and change
  • Be creative and a little quirky
  • Collaborate not compete
  • Nurture teamwork and a family spirit
  • Be adventurous and curious
  • Trusted, responsible and responsive leadership

Contact us for more information about our services:

TEL: 0330 100 5272